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    Welcome to Houston RP Community.


    Houston Roleplay community was created on September 13th 2018, founded and owned by S. Parker & B. Warden with help from M. Ward, M. Hockey, F. Mayer, and S. James. The reason the community was created was because Parker and the helping members wanted to make a enjoyable place for other players to hop on a GTA 5 Server(FiveM)and be involved in very unique RP experiences. This community is all about making sure our players is taken care of. We have staff members and other reliable members to help and new or even old members with anything they need help with.

    Are you looking to join us?

    We always look forward for new roleplayers to join the community and hop on our servers to interact with players to make new friends in a RP fashion. We offer a public server which is available for ALL players to join. We also offer a whitelisted server if you feel like you want a upgrade your RP a bit more! No application is required to join the public server. If you wish to join our whitelisted server you can either play on our public server for a bit and a staff member will invite you, or you can fill out a whitelist application for the Civilian Department. After you submit a whitelist application you are now able to submit a application to companies, police and ems/fire. If you are still confused on how to proceed. Please contact a staff member on the website for further instructions.


    This community adheres to an age limit to help maintain our goals for operational success. Everyone age fourteen and up are allowed to submit an application for the whitelist server.


    We want to thank you, our Members, Staff, Administration, and Departments for making this community what it is today. Withough you all, there would be no such thing as HRPC. So again everyone we thank you for all the support.


    Where do we want to go with this community?

    If you want to become apart of a department, signup on the webite you will then get an email to verify, once you have verified your email you will beable to put in any application, for any department.


    "Home for Unique Roleplay"

    Houston Roleplay Community ® 2018



Houston Roleplaying Community HRPC  Whitelisted & Volunteer PoliceFireEMS  Custom Cars  Public Beta  CUSTOM CAD  discord.ggC8TPPy7

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